Ballot papers favouring Prime Minister and MDC-T presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai have been found in a trash bin in Harare, providing the clearest evidence yet of rigging by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).
Tsvangirai told journalists in Harare on Friday that this was “perhaps the most glaring case where ballots cast during the special vote were discovered in a bin”.
“These are ballots that had been cast in my favour but were discovered in a bin,” Tsvangirai said. “The question is, how many such ballots were thrown away and what replaced them? This is yet another crude form of manipulation (rigging). The evidence is there. This goes to the core, not only of the credibility of the special vote, but of ZEC and the forthcoming election as well.”
ZEC was not available for comment.
Tsvangirai said ZEC had mysteriously recruitted army drivers to replace civilian state drivers for ferrying ballot boxes. Concerns have already been raised that ZEC, which is staffed at the top by a large force of military and intelligence officials loyal to Robert Mugabe was out to rig the election in favour of the embattled dictator. Mugabe is trailing behind Tsvangirai in the popularity stakes and may lose 33 years of unbridled power when Zimbabweans vote on July 31, according to analysts.


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