President Robert Mugabe says he will ban foreign ownership of companies if he wins the next elections.
Mugabe said Zimbabweans should own everything because all the resources were theirs, “including lizards”, which he once said made fine Italian shoes.
“If you own the business, you can split the profit among yourselves,” he lectured to a captive audience in Mutare, in a speech broadcast live on the state-run ZBC channels on Tuesday, a priviledge denied his main rival Morgan Tsvangirai.
“When you split the profits and you decide to make it fifty-fifty, you know its among yourselves, not giving money to foreigners.”
Mugabe blames foreigners for the collapse of the economy, closure of businesses and massive unemployment, which the CIA Factbook puts at 95 percent.
However, analysts blame corruption by his brutal regime, which has catapulted him from being a poor guerilla commander when he took power in 1980 to a billionaire tycoon owning properties in Hong Kong.
Zanu PF plans seen by NOW DAILY show that the party wants to raise more than a trillion dollars by making foreign companies surrender their shareholding in Zimbabwe. So far, the government claims to have raised billions in equity acquired by force in foreign companies.
The Zanu PF plans also involve nationalising the Marange diamond fields and forcing foreign banks to surrender their licences after Mugabe charged them with “profiteering”.


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