Soldiers disguised as civilians have been deployed countrywide to prop up Robert Mugabe’s faltering campaign by terrorising MDC-T supporters, party secretary-general Tendai Biti said.
“We are seeing the resuscitation of militarised bases and they are spreading like wild fires,” Biti told journalists in Harare.
Biti “castigated the use of government machinery especially by the army who have deployed soldiers in civilian clothing in the rural areas, especially in Mutoko and Mudzi and are terrorising villagers. The soldiers are operating under the pseudo ‘Champions'”, an MDC-T statement added.
The MDC-T’s claims tally with an incriminating intelligence report published at the weekend, showing that the Chinese Red Army had trained nearly 50 000 Zanu PF militiamen and women in terror tactics to be used against the MDC-T. The report by the Mail on Sunday said most of the thugs were already operating, while an elite group would be unleashed three days before the vote to cause mayhem.
The report, leaked to the British paper by a disgruntled Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative last week, details various schemes involving violence and disruptions to prevent people voting for the MDC-T and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who is the front-runner to win the poll. The former trade union leader squares off with Mugabe for the third time in a presidential election, after army-backed violence forced him out of the 2008 re-run.
“Zanu PF’s DNA is violence and we are seeing an increase in violence. As a party the MDC believes that not a drop of blood should be shed,” Biti said.


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