President Jacob Zuma phoned Zanu PF head Robert Mugabe this week to express his and the region’s displeasure over the unfolding chaos in Zimbabwe’s election preparations, a top diplomat said.
“We are concerned because things on the ground are not looking good,” said Zuma’s foreign affairs adviser, Lindiwe Zulu, quoted by Reuters.
Zulu did not give details of what was discussed and the way ahead. However, her comments were seen as unusually frank and set to rattle the dictator, who has repeatedly rigged elections and used violence to stay in power for 33 years.
Zulu also did not say what Zuma would do after Mugabe rejected SADC’s calls for a reform of the brutal security forces causing mayhem and the state media used by the ageing despot to propagate hate.
Mugabe has already said he will not listen to Zuma and threatened to drag Zimbabwe out of SADC if Zulu, who he described as a “silly little woman” and prostitute continued pointing out his shortcomings.
Leaked intelligence documents claimed at the weekend that Mugabe had recruitted Lebanese assassins to kill both Zuma and Zulu. It was not clear if Zuma raised the issue of the alleged assassination attempt reported around the world.
Zuma’s concerns appeared to have been heightened by the Zanu PF-controlled Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s failure to conduct a special vote for state employees at the weekend. According to sources, only 35 000 of the 87 000 people registered for the special poll voted due to management failures at ZEC, which the MDC-T complains is dominated by pro-Mugabe intelligence operatives.
South Africa brokered the present power-sharing agreement between Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, the perceived winner of the 2008 presidential election. Some political analysts are now predicting that Mugabe will win the election on July 31 after refusing to institute agreed reforms that would have levelled the playing field for all parties. Mugabe continues to use the security forces to threaten, harass and attack opponents, while abusing the public media to justify his illegal activities.


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