Zanu PF president Robert Mugabe has reacted angrily to published remarks by a United States government official calling for transparency ahead of elections.
Speaking at a rally in his Chinhoyi home town on Thursday, Mugabe made derogatory, racist comments against U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell.
Ventrell told reporters during Tuesday’s daily briefing in Washington that the U.S. goverment was “deeply concerned about the lack of transparency in electoral preparations, the continued partisan behaviour by state security institutions and the technical, logistical issues hampering the administration of a credible and transparent election”.
“America must be mad,” Mugabe said. “For anyone like Ventrell to suggest that our elections should not be held after the expiry of parliament because some parties are calling for reform of the security forces is a mad argument.”
Mugabe added: “Keep your pink nose out of our affairs, please. We’re Zimbabweans, we’re guided by our own principles and those don’t derive from U.S.A. We’re the deciders of our destiny, so please, keep your hands off.”
Mugabe said the U.S. and the European Union would not be invited to monitor the July 31 presidential vote, in which he faces a stiff challenge from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T.
“The U.S. we’d never invite as long as sanctions from them remain a burden on our country. What sermon can America teach us?” he said.
Mugabe said the U.S. was “democratically and practically filthy”, claiming the country had a “current history of imprisoning blacks. There’s a lot of racism in that country”.
Mugabe further claimed that president Barack Obama had offered aid to African countries on condition they accepted homosexuality.
U.S. government comment was not immediately available.


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