Two MDC-T supporters were seriously injured when Zanu PF thugs attacked the party’s Shamva South House of Assembly candidate Leman Pwanyiwa’s campaign team on Wednesday, a party statement said.
Pwanyiwa’s condition could not immediately be ascertained but MDC-T said one of his two campaign vehicles was extensively damaged.
The party said it had dispatched its lawyers to the scene to investigate the incident after it appeared the police were taking long to record the crime while the attackers were getting away.
“Leman Pwanyiwa, our youthful House of Assembly candidate for Shamva South and his campaign team have been attacked by Zanu PF goons at Wadzanayi Township, ward 22, Shamva,” MDC-T said. “The thugs stoned their two vehicles, extensively damaging one of the vehicles and two supporters suffered injuries.”
The party also reported that its ward 20 council candidate in the area, Shadreck Sibanda, had been ordered to leave the district by the Zanu PF militants who allegedly burnt down his granary and kitchen on July 6.
The MDC-T expressed outrage over the worsening violence and queried a decision by Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF to pull out of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), which is mandated with resolving such disputes locally.
“If this is why Zanu PF pulled out of JOMIC, so that they may resort to the only campaign they know, this time, we shall not remain quiet,” the MDC-T said.


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